Nathan (6s_aint9) wrote in sex_us,


Name : Nathan Trezise
Age : 17 and about 7 months
Location : Port Lincoln South Australia
5 Fav Bands : Lost Prophets, Korn, The Used, factory 81, linea 77
Fav Movies : Bad boys 1 and 2, Gothika, fast and furious, 2 fast 2 furious, and all time fav butterfly effect
Do you drink : yeah i drink but not like every weekend for something to do. i do it to try and have a good time with mates
Do you smoke/do drugs : yeh i smoke but once again i mainly do it when i drink. but i occasionally do it when im stressed out
Have you had sex : i wouldnt be doing this if i havent now would i
Whats your sexual preference : i am straight all the way. i love girls
Whats the most sexible part about you : well i asked someone just then and she said my whole body, but i would have to say...haha my hair
Why do you think your sexable : umm only coz of my hair and coz i have a g.f who always says i am.
Short summary of what you like : i am interested in alot of things. i have recently become an all out bodyboarder, i love the water.
i am a typical male and loves his cars. get my self a skyline one day :P i wouldnt be able to live without music. have a nice sound system in my car. and i wouldnt be able to live without my loving girlfriend :D she is always there for me and i cant get enough of her.
so there is a very brief story of what i like.

sorry about most of them being non colored. and yeah there ya go. i dont care what you all say if its bad coz all i need to hear it from is my kimmeh
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