Brittany Michelle (ooh_here_we_go) wrote in sex_us,
Brittany Michelle




`*..Location//Ontario Canada

`*..5 favorite bands//Switchfoot, Something Corporate, Brand New, Sum41, Blink 182

*..Favorite movie(s)//Thirteen, Honey, Coyote Ugly

`*..Do you drink//Only a bit at parties

`*..Do you smoke/do drugs//I've never smoked and I used to do drugs very rarely but dont anymore

`*..Have you had sex//not yet

`*..Whats your sexual prefrence//Guys only

`*..What’s the most sexable thing about you//I've had comments on my eyes and my body but i'm not sure

`*..Why do you think your sexable//Hello..? look at me! ha j/k but i'm pretty confident in myself also

`*..Short summary of what your like//Well at first i'm somewhat shy but once you get to know me i'm really outgoing and i love to party. Sarcasm is my way of life... friends are the most important thing to me right now

This is not a great picture of me but its the only one that shows my body..

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